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Welcome to the blog of Hugo Pendlebury, the Managing Director of ADC. Here you will find postings on a range of topics, some of the posts may be insightful whilst others may simply be a log of how to do something for future reference.

We really like the JPalo eclipse client. The ad-hoc browsing is excellent, it makes stacking dimensions very simple. The only set back is that there is no version of OSX available in the downloads section. However making this great tool work on the mac is a simple task which can easily be accomplished by any user.

The following step are required to perform this task

  1.     Download the Mac OSX Java EE Edition from here

  2.     Extract the archive from the above file and copy the eclipse folder to ....


During the past few weeks I have spent a great deal of time writing XMLA. I have come across some unexpected issues and behaviours, some which can be explained and some which I currently have no explanation for.

Generally I have to admit that I am fairly impressed with XMLA, although I do find some aspects of it frustrating, perhaps some this is due to the fact that XMLA has been around for so long although some of the design seems illogical.

My first encounter with Analysis Services (SSAS) was ....


Streaming multimedia content with Apache

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Although the intention of this blog is to post about business intelligence related topics the nature of a blog makes it an ideal medium to log digital content and to subsequently retrieve this information. This post is more of an aide memoir although hopefully it will prove useful to others.

Those users who have looked around the site, will have come across several multimedia clips in the form of flash videos. Well today I decided to enabled pseudo streaming of these videos on the website using


Sometime ago I wrote a perl CGI program to send mail using STMP. In order to create this script I was write required to install some perl packages which proved relatively straight forward to install using CPAN.

However recently I decided to migrate this code to a bare bones CentOS machine.

I ran cpan and then realised I was missing a C compiler. So quit and performed the following operations ....