ADC Approach

As an independent company we believe in using the best tools for the job and are flexible in accommodating your unique needs.

Data is the life blood of any business; armed with appropriate facts management are provided insights into key aspects of the organisation. Insights can range from operation efficiency through to competitive analysis. Armed with accurate and reliable information these insights can lead to a plethora of prospects ranging from more reliable budget and forecasting and potentially showing opportunities for organic growth through revenue generation activities such as up-selling and cross selling.

All too frequently organisational and departmental data is inaccessible, spread across multiple disparate systems and of low quality.  Data may reside in many formats ranging from unstructured and semi-structured data in mediums such as spreadsheets, word documents, emails and PDFs through to relational databases.

Making strategic decisions is frequently a mine field fraught with hidden dangers and the omnipresent possibility of using inaccurate data due to mistakes in excel spreadsheets.

Here at ADC we are firmly committed to the belief that this state of affairs need not be the norm. Whilst other companies may claim to offer integration services we are firm proponents of delivering systems which empower end users. Our belief is that quality is a cross cutting discipline which should be baked in from project conception through to acceptance testing. We pride ourself on being flexible and agile. Indeed with it being estimated that between 60-80% of data warehousing and business intelligence projects are deemed a failure we could not contemplate working in any other way than in collaboration with our clients.

ADC Principles

We are based around the following key principles:

  1. BulletCustomer Focus - We believe in working in collaboration with customers to deliver systems which both ourselves and our clients are proud of.

  2. BulletContinuous Innovation - Being a technology oriented firm we are always surveying the market to anticipate and leverage the latest tools and methodologies.

  3. BulletIntegrity and Transparency -We are committed to upholding high standards and delivering on our commitments.

  4. BulletContinuous Improvement - We understand the importance of knowledge and furthering our skills.

ADC Tools

In order to assist in delivering high quality business intelligence solutions we have created the following tools

  1. Rapid olap cube prototyping

  2. Rapid excel report generation tool

  3. Securities validation routines (Isin, Cusip, Sedol) for Informatica, Talend and PDI (Kettle)

  4. Easy Dimension Maintenance Tool

Our Core Capabilities:

  1. Data warehousing / Business Intelligence

  2. Reporting

  3. Planning

  4. Data Mining

  5. Information Design

  6. Extract Transform and Load

  7. Dashboards

ADC Summary