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Easy Excel Reporting - This article and the associated PDF detail a simple yet powerful approach to creating Excel Reports.

Unix Commands for the Data Professional - This article details many useful techniques and commands for a data professional. 

Reporting Tools

  1. JFreeReport

  1. Jaspersoft

Data Mining Tools

  1. Weka

  1. RapidMiner

  1. R Language

Industry Articles

The 10 Essential Rules of Dimensional Modeling - The 10 commandments of the Kimball methodology

The 10 mistakes to avoid when estimating ROI for Business Intelligence - Things to avoid when justifying your expenditure on data warehousing

Using Regular Expressions for Data Warehouse cleansing and standardization - Never underestimate the power of regular expressions

Maintaining Dimension Hierarchies - Understanding dimensionality and the relationships of data is the key to a successful data warehouse.

Should you use an ETL Tool - Discusses some of the pros and cons

An Architecture for Data Quality - Data quality is important but often left to the sidelines. This article sets about rectifying this issue.

Overcoming Obstacles When Gathering Business Requirements - The importance of the business can not be over stressed when capturing requirements. But how can you effectively overcome obstacles.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit by Ralph Kimball

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit by Ralph Kimball


  1. Modeling

  2. Requirement

  3. Project Management

  4. Aggregations

  5. Checklists

The Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit

The Microsoft BI offerings have matured.


  1. Modeling (overview)

  2. ETL Design & Build

  3. OLAP cubes

  4. Reporting

Commercial Software

ETL Tools

  1. Informatica

  1. Ab Initio

  1. SSIS

Data Mining Tools

  1. SPSS

  1. DeltaMaster